grinding and sanding roller and tire

In place grinding and on site machining in many campaies such as petrochemical companies , cement factorys , Steel factores , grain factores , mines , sugar , wheat ,gypsum , Iron ore , pellets , asphalt , solt , oil and . . .

repair kiln roller or dryer ring while equipment is at work

Sample Works

resurfacing ring face

grinding sidewall of the tyre

sanding machine for in place repairing

lathing rollers when kiln is working


  • desing and construct two way chutes , slide gate , rotary feeder and consultation in uor copmanies
  • desing and construct manual jib carnes in workshops and factores
  • repair ball mill slide ring or rod mill trunnion on site

repair and maintenance roller press

lathing and machining steel briquet rollers in place

roller press grinding roller in place

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