visual kiln inspection

hot and cold laser kiln (dryer) alignment in petrochemical companies , cement factorys , Steel factores , grain factores , mines , sugar , wheat ,gypsum , Iron ore , pellets , asphalt , solt , oil and . . .

Visual innspection is on of the most importent parts of the kiln alignment in this part of the essay you can see the condition of rollers , tyres , gears , motor and gearbox , manhole , shell , journal bearings in inspection time . with this part you can comper your kiln condition with prevuse essay or next essay and reach to a correct conclution


visual inspection of thrust roller and ring

thrust roller face is concaved and need grinding

crack on padding and stopper rings

brocken padding between tyre and shell


  • hot kiln alignment in many cement factories in Iran

inspection of kiln parts with termometer

checking shaft and rollers tempreture and solution to increase it

VT of journal bearing and oil tempereture

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